quantGenius is an open web-accessible resource for robust quantification of qPCR data using standard curve. Due to several factors that can influence the final result, quantitative analysis and interpretation of qPCR data is not trivial. The quantGenius is designed as a workflow that guides the user through quality control and calculation steps. It deals with all the issues of qPCR related calculations from data consistency, pipetting errors, standard curve parameters, individual sample efficiencies/inhibition, range of quantification and normalization to one or several reference genes. In this way it enables robust quality controlled quantification of nucleic acids. See the manuscript, manual blog post or conference presentation for details on functionalities an usage. qpcrCalculator workflow

All of the quantGenius functionalities are freely available without login (no registration information required, but please note that in this case your data will be kept on server only within one session or for 24 hours). The registration and login option has been implemented for users that wish to keep their datasets for later analysis (e.g. if the analysis is not finalised within one session). All the submitted data are private. A “Test experiment” is available for testing of the the functionalities. For problems/questions, contact us at quantgenius@nib.si.

For easier analysis of BioMark (Fluidigm) results, use the Fluidigm data prep tool Fluidigm data prep tool that will convert the standard machine-output file into format, suitable for copy-pasting to the quantGenius.

The quantGenius was developed at the National Institute for Biology, based on the needs of the researchers. It is routinely used in our everyday research. The server version allows us to compare the data of different users, and to our internal primer and results databases. If you are interested to purchase the server version, please contact us.

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Baebler,Š., Svalina,M., Petek,M., Stare,K., Rotter,A., Pompe-Novak,M. and Gruden,K. (2017) quantGenius: implementation of a decision support system for qPCR-based gene quantification. BMC Bioinformatics, 18, 276. link.